Starbuzz BLUE MIST Flavour (250 g)

Starbuzz BLUE MIST Flavour (250 g)


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Blue-Mist is a mix of Blueberry and Mint. The flavor is balanced very evenly. The blueberry can be smelled along side with the fresh mint breeze. The mint flavor doesn’t overkill the blueberry. The tobacco doesn’t have harsh burns and smokes very smooth. Overall, many people enjoy this flavor a lot and it is one of the most popular of the Starbuzz Tobaccos.

Packaging: 250 gram resealable tinware
Flavor : Blue mist
Flavor Quality: Excellent

**For best results make sure to use 1.5-2 pieces of charcoal per sitting and you will need two sets of charcoal per sitting to get the full 2 hours of fun.


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Product Code STARBUZZBLUEMIST250g-10
Stock Level 10000
Weight 1.000Lb

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BLueberry Mist

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This is a must in your rotation of shishas'It smokes like it smells strong Blueberry flavor. Smoke it through iced water and your in for a smooth blue misty sensation. Some of my freinds though i was making blueberry pancakes when they came over and smelled this. Anouther great starbuzz staple flavor. (Jun 20 2011, 07:02 AM)
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